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Mark's introduction into the Paranormal:

In 1997 Mark had an experience that changed his thoughts on the subject of Ghosts completely. Whilst working in a shopping centre in the greater Manchester area at the time. One night after the building had closed Mark was carrying out his duties, which included checking no shoppers had got locked in by accident. As he made his way down a stairwell to the rear of the shops, He looked down to see an elderly lady stood at the bottom of the stairwell, he went down to her to check she was okay, and engaged in conversation with her, she explained she was on her way to the shop for her breakfast before going to work, she even gave Mark her name and address, referring to him as officer as she did as well as pointing out she was not trespassing as this was a public footpath. At first Mark just assumed she was confused, but agreed with her she had done no wrong and that he would be more than happy to escort her out of the building. That was when he got the surprise of a lifetime, as he started to turn around she dissipated before his very eyes. He had been told several times the building had many Ghosts, but he had never taken any of it seriously, despite the reputed ghost stories he had never heard anyone mention the old lady before. He always assumed the stories had been invented as the building was built on an old graveyard several years before. It is important to point out Mark had only lived in the town for a short while so he did not have much knowledge of the area, but he found the experience intriguing and decided to visit the library. Once there he discovered that there had indeed been a footpath that cut through the cemetery directly where he met the old lady, so he dug into the ladies explanation a little more, discovering the street the lady lived on was in direct line of the footpath and a row of shops. Mark looked into the records a little more using the address she gave as her home, and discovered she had lived there in the 1950’s and the row of shops at the same time period had a sandwich shop.

This intrigued Mark and changed his views dramatically, a few weeks later the Centres Manager came to Mark asking him to accompany a Ghost Hunting team that were coming in to look at the alleged reportings. During the investigation Mark became more interested and intrigued by the investigation that took place, which drove him into becoming an investigator himself along with his now wife who also worked at the centre and had been the psychic during the investigation. Together they worked alongside many groups investigating Haunted Homes and Businesses before they moved to Yorkshire. In 2003 traveling back and forth to Manchester was becoming too much so they started their own group called Abbey Ghost Hunters. Since then the team have investigated many homes and businesses around Yorkshire and further afield. The team have on many occasions been the first team to investigate many of the locations they have done. They have also visited locations such as Galleries of Justice; Pembroke Castle, Carew Castle; Scarborough Castle; National Railway Museum; Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum; Clifford's Tower; Danby Castle; Captain Cook Museum plus many many more.

For more information about the team click the Ghost Hunters button at top of page or visit the teams website for more information and to read their reports of investigations they have done.